Life Crisis and Trauma Recovery

Life’s events do not define you. How you deal with them will.

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Move it forward

We can help you get over a wide range of life trauma events including but not limited to marriage challenges, divorce, bereavement, career redundancy, business bankruptcy, birth trauma, sexual trauma, and more.

We have specific trauma recovery programs created for the following;

Naked Accident

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Naked Bankruptcy

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Naked Bereavement

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Naked Birth

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Naked Body

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Naked Divorce

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Naked Harmony

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Naked PSTD Anxiety Stress

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Naked Health

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Naked Infidelity

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Naked Marriage

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Naked Midlife Crisis

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Naked Redundancy

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Naked Self Image

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Tantrum Club

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Trauma Diet

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Overcome life crisis
with education

We can help you overcome any crises life event through a range of online supported coaching services, and intensive 1-2-1 therapeutic retreats.

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Life lessons

Articles written across 8 different life areas…

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Divorce Assessment

Trauma Assessment

Should you do therapy or coaching to resolve your trauma?

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Naked Recovery
Coaching Programs

To support your journey through emotional trauma

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Coaching can be 94.4% faster than traditional therapy

Recovery and re-creation measured in weeks, not years

Perturbation Framework*

*The Perturbation framework is a coaching methodology and a modern holistic alternative to traditional therapy. It’s used in all Naked Recovery programs. Book a Clarity call to see if coaching is a fit for your trauma recovery.

Traditional therapy is best suited for extreme traumatic response. The duration estimates are based on interviews with 12 leading psychotherapists
* Results are guaranteed
** Based on feedback from the Naked Recovery Recovery programs. Naked Recovery coaching programs are suited to people who want to get back to their lives using a proven education-based trauma recovery methodology.

We measure and value our success rates

*Results are measured at the start of our programs, at the end and finally 6 months later.













Just a few of our testimonials

“Best coach I have ever worked with”

Adele is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. She is highly skilled and credible. She brings a rare combination…

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Jo Ford
Jo Dale Ford, Media Strategist

Recovered after 60 years!

Her keen insights, emotional support & guidance were superb for my issues. I recovered after 60 years!

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Julia, 72

“My healing goal came true!”

Initially reading my healing goal made me scared. Now months later, I see it all came true!

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Marie Naked Divorce
Marie, USA

We serve customers from all across the world. We can serve you too.

World class Trauma Experts

A small world-class team of Trauma experts working globally together to overcome any life event for our customers, whatever their situation, wherever they live, and whatever their means.

Adèle Théron, Founder and Lead Trauma Therapist
Sally Golding, Trauma Coach
Valerie Sher, Trauma Coach
Salli Andrews, Trauma Coach
Piper Hull, Support Angel
Lydia Arnold, Social Media
Daniel Robere, Technical Lead
Emily Gardner, Financial Accountant
Philip Hart, Chartered Accountant NZ
Geoffrey Blythe, Chartered Accountant EU and International
Bryan Schwartz, Web Marketing Lead
Alam Geer, Designer
Laura Paterson, Writer & Research
Ellie Connor, Consultant Trauma Nutritionist
Jo Rogers, Lawyer
Luis Umana, Learning Platforms Developer
Henry Duong, Web Developer
Teera L, Audio editor

We guarantee our Results

Emotions at the end of Naked Recovery Programs

Naked Recovery as a Professional Service









"It is our choices... that show what we truly are. Far more than our abilities”

Author J. K. Rowling

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