Amazed at how well it worked

I chose to do this program after coming out of a breakup. I was in a time in my life where I felt stuck and lost. I chose it because it was short and straight to the point. I was able to work at my own pace. I highly recommend it.

Every single step of the program was so important and organized in a way that allowed for this healing process. In the beginning it puts you in a place where you can be vulnerable, which is key, but during that time you feel so safe and protected. Having the support of your Angel is so key during this process. Sally was so helpful, kind, and encouraging. She had an incredible way of keeping me on track, being supportive without letting me make excuses, and holding me accountable. There was never a time where I felt judged or that I couldn’t be 100% honest.

I learned so much from this program about myself, my insecurities, and my strengths. This program took me from a place of self-doubt and brought me to a place of confidence. It allowed me to forgive not only the people from my past relationships but, more importantly, myself. It helped me realize that growth and healing comes from within and processing a divorce or breakup in a healthy way is vital. Because of this program, I no longer feel anger and resentment towards my ex. It taught me how to protect myself and my emotions by setting clear boundaries. It gave me the strength and power to feel in control of my thoughts and emotions. I’m so grateful for this program and would highly suggest it to anyone going through a divorce, bad breakup, or even just struggling with problems in relationships.

M, Doctor, USA
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