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Here are just a few of the results you will get from Naked Trauma Coaching with one of our Trauma Coaches

Reduction in emotional highs and lows
A higher rate of productivity
Increased energy levels
Feel creative and alive
Stop obsessive thoughts
Happier and stress free
More emotionally stable than you have ever been
Peaceful interactions with others
Reconnect with yourself
Increased strength and resilience
We have many coaching programs depending on your needs

Coaching is our essence

Although all the Trauma Coaches on the team have extensive trauma-informed psychological and trauma training, the foundation upon which we operate is education and coaching. We find the coaching framework to be more goal oriented and the focus on skill development is more empowering for people to take ownership of their healing journey to get unstuck faster with better results. We help you create goals and then we help you to build a pathway to achieve them.

Contact us to discuss your unique situation. It might be that one of our programs could be a good fit or we might have a customised solution for your emotional trauma. Typically we will match the coaching program to your situation. You can purchase one of our off-the-shelf programs or we will customise a program for you or we can work in purchasing coaching in blocks of 5 or 10 sessions.

During a trauma assessment or clarity call, we will assess if coaching is a fit for your situation, or if psychological therapy may be better. The coaching programs we run help to:-

  • Get Unstuck

    Uncover the inhibitors which are keeping you stuck 

  • Get clear and choose

    Discover the 5 key frameworks that will help you identify, organize and plan your next steps 

  • Move Forward

    Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome moving forward 

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