A Trauma Diet to reset your life after trauma

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Introducing the Trauma Diet

Trauma impacts on the chemicals your body produces. It changes which hormones are secreted, and in what quantities. It depletes your number of neurotransmitters – vital for brain health, and in regulating your emotions – as well as the raw materials your body needs to replenish these and produce the hormones you need to function. The principles of a trauma-informed eating regime are backed by studies which showed reduced levels of Th17 immune cells (a type of immune cell that is known to promote inflammation and chronic stress-related diseases) following this diet (Ang et al., 2020; Armeno et al., 2014; Masood et al., 2020; Santos-Prowse et al., 2019; Wilder, 2021).

This isn’t about just “eating better” or “exercising more”, it’s about the careful science of establishing exactly how your physical and mental state relates to the hormones you’re producing (whether in excess or insufficiently), which raw ingredients your brain, glands and vital organs are short of to perform their basic functions, and how stress-related, low-level inflammation is causing your immune system to misfire and make you sick. More importantly, it’s about identifying which nutrients and proteins facilitate healthy production in these areas, and rebuilding your diet around them.
You can’t order your body to start functioning at 100%, but once you’ve begun to understand the link between what you give your body and how you feel, your physical and emotional state becomes less terrifying and threatening.

You begin to appreciate how you can manage yourself better, how to genuinely care for yourself and recognise the impact that your chosen ingredients have on how you function.
As you become increasingly aware of what to feed your body and your brain, you will be equipped to take proactive steps to tackle problems like mood swings, anxiety, low energy and depression.

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Living with trauma can cause significant health issues both physically and mentally. But with courage, commitment, and action – you can recover and reclaim your life.



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