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“Best coach I have ever worked with”

Adele is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. She is highly skilled and credible. She brings a rare combination…

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Jo Ford
Jo Dale Ford, Media Strategist

Recovered after 60 years!

Her keen insights, emotional support & guidance were superb for my issues. I recovered after 60 years!

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Julia, 72

“My healing goal came true!”

Initially reading my healing goal made me scared. Now months later, I see it all came true!

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Marie Naked Divorce
Marie, USA

“The Haven is absolutely Amazing”

I am grateful I flew Adele in to work with me around my busy schedule – her coaching was a great investment.

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Naked Divorce Experience
Anonymous, CEO

“The best decision I’ve ever made!”

Marie shares her experiences of doing the Haven Retreat at Chang Mai. She couldn’t believe the results!

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Marie shares her experience of doing the Haven Retreat @ Chiang Mai

“I now see a whole new person!”

Having Adele alongside me the whole way and being able to hear her own experiences really helped me understand.

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Nnenna shares her experience of the 21-day Naked Divorce Program

“Amazed at how well it worked”

Sally was so helpful, kind, and encouraging. She was incredibly supportive whilst holding me accountable.

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michelle shares her experience of the naked divorce
M, Doctor, USA

“Bloody Brilliant retreat”

This was a really life changing experience and I highly recommend it. I understand myself more.

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Andrew, Singapore, 42

“Constant journey of self discovery”

The programme has given me the tools to grow and now life my life to the fullest. My eyes are forever opened!

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Tom's Experience with the Naked Divorce 21 Day Program
Tom, Pilot

“Very purposeful and effective”

Adele was an excellent coach for me while I completed the Naked Recovery process.

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Mark, 74

“A much stronger, braver woman!”

Today I feel more powerful, happier in my own skin, and a lot more true and honest to what I’m doing. Thanks team!

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Sharmila shares her experience of the Naked Divorce 21 day Naked Divorce Program

“I feel like a new man!”

I fully recommend her service which restored my self-esteem after just one conversation. I have gotten over my ex!

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Russ shares how Naked Divorce was the ultimate factor in him regaining his self-esteem and eventually finding a new partner
Russ, Investment Analyst

“Adele was amazing, really inspirational!”

Adele helped me identify my bad habits and helped me transform into someone I can truly be proud of!

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Lesley shares her experience of completing the 21-day Naked Divorce Program
Mike Naked Divorce

“Lead me to become a pioneer in business”

Mike who runs a successful events company discusses his experience of Naked Divorce

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Mike Naked Divorce
Mike, 36, entrepreneur
Simon Naked Divorce

“Definitely life changing”

Simon shares his experience of Naked Divorce and how time definitely doesn’t heal wounds.

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Simon Naked Divorce
Simon, 47

“It changed my entire perspective”

When I started to focus more on myself, and what I could do better that’s when I saw the results. Massive eye opener!

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Laura shares her experience of completing the 21 day Naked Divorce Program

“Gave me my confidence back!”

What stuck out to me was the practicality of it all. It’s different to normal therapy in that respect, and this is why it works!

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Jane shares her experience of the 21-day Naked Divorce Program

“World’s greatest service for humans!”

I love you Adele and your heart and I salute your commitment to erase human suffering that comes in a form of divorce.

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Aasma shares how she felt reborn after completing the 21 day programme with Naked Divorce

“It really is a God send!”

What changed though was my ability to now remain very calm and feel in control of my own emotions.

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Nada thanks Naked Divorce for helping her truly heal from the pain of her divorce

“My life’s completely changed!”

I feel the process short circuited a lot of wasted energy and pain and got my back on my feet in double quick time.

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Jonothan has seen his life change for the better after completing the 21 day programme with Naked Divorce
Jonathan, CEO, Singapore

“Better results than any therapist”

The angels put so much of themselves into each session and I just felt like I was being profoundly taken care of.

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Diana shares her wonderful story on how Naked Divorce helped her emotionally recover from her divorce and find a new man
Diana, Pediatric Nurse, 56

“I have transformed so much!”

I now know something I didn’t know before: I love myself. ~ Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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Maria explains how Naked Divorce has completely changed her life for the absolute best
Maria, 39

“Adele brings energy and clarity”

I have used the programme myself and can vouch for it’s effectiveness and thoroughness. I can’t stop listening!

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Suzy shares her positive experiences with Adele as she has helped her drive through the emotional roller coaster that is divorce

“Phenomenal coach and mentor!”

The progress I have made with her guidance has ultimately given me access to self love and acceptance.

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Rachel explains how working closely with Adele through the Naked Divorce has helped change her life
Rachel, Environmentalist

“Finally have some true answers”

Adele is also really amazing – a straight shooter, she told me exactly how it is and it was SO refreshing.

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Alex explains how much she loves the realness of Naked Divorce and how it helped her to attract someone new
Alex, Lawyer

“Was like finding hidden treasure”

Completing this program will help you overcome the sadness without taking away your right to know you were hurt.

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Sobia shares the value of Naked Divorce and how by facing the real issues head on makes all the difference
Sobia, Architect

“The light at the end of the tunnel!”

It was like having a friend beside me who understood totally what I was going through. Such a huge help!

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Carol explains how Naked Divorce helped her see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“There is a future ahead of me now”

I am extremely grateful for the process’s laser-focus and non-therapeutic methods. I highly recommend this service!

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Ken shares how Naked Divorce helped guide him through tough decisions in his new life
Ken, 40

“It swooped in and blew my mind”

It is the most incredible personal development program/experience/thing I have done. I want to see it on Oprah!

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Teresa shares how Naked Divorce has given her a new lease on life
Teresa, 50

“At peace with myself and my new life”

I am looking forwards now instead of back and what a difference, so thank you so very, very much.

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Sophia shares how Naked Divorce has helped her find peace in her life
Sophia, 39

“This information has changed my world”

Adele’s voice is comforting knowing she too has endured the pain and come out on top.

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Em shares how Naked divorce has helped with her pain and how that has led her to live a happier life
Em, writer and small business owner

“I felt very held and safe”

This programme helps you to get real and take responsibility for yourself and what you want for your future.

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Sarah shares how Naked Divorce helped her move on from her ex in a healthy fashion
Sarah Smyth

“I felt that she really did “get” me”

It was incredible and gave me a more concrete plan for getting through the horrible divorce process.

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Rosie, Actuary, 40

“Words can’t express the gratitude I feel”

I draw strength all time from all that you taught me and the tools you have given me with great kindness.

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Lizelle opens up on the benefits Naked Divorce has brought to her life
Lizelle, 43

“Thanks for all your encouragement”

I am not very good on computers but this is easy to use and I am enjoying every minute so thank you very much.

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Barbara shares her amazing experiences about Naked Divorce
Barbara, Retired

“You guys are real angels, so helpful”

I finally feel understood and recognize in me – many of the things written. I truly think I can move on and feel liberated.

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Marcy has used Naked Divorce to help turn her life around

“I will always be an advocate”

I am, for the first time ever, feeling excited about my future and truly loving life. Thank you Adele!

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Hayley shares her experiences as to how Naked Divorce helped transform her life
Hayley, film producer with the BBC

“Try this before going to a therapist”

Adele’s program will give you all the tools you need to free yourself from the prison of divorce trauma…

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GG shares her experiences on Naked Divorce

“Just do it! You won’t regret it!!”

By the end of the 21days I was UNRECOGNISABLE in the way I was acting, how I was leading my life…

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I was unrecognisable after Naked divorce
Meagan, Investment Banker

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