Healing from Birth and Miscarriage Trauma

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There are times in the rich tapestry of human experience when we are exposed to a tremendous degree of vulnerability; these are the times that put our fortitude to the test and force us to reevaluate our ideas about what constitutes true strength. Two of these that are particularly difficult to get through are the ones on birth trauma and miscarriage. These are tales of tragedy, suffering, and bereavement; but, there are also tales of bravery, recovery, and the cultivation of hope.

Getting Up from Pain to Resilience

The loss of a child causes enormous agony and grief, disrupting life. The pain of miscarriage, stillbirth, or postpartum is excruciating. The goal is gentle healing, integration, and compassionate resilience. Our Naked Recovery program guides you through this difficult path with a structured and skills-based approach. Our journey from victimhood to successful recovery focuses on learning, comprehending, and growing from your experience.

What you might be going through in the early stages following trauma

With trauma, almost everyone will feel jumpy, and it is normal to have intrusive memories of events or things said. Approximately two out of three of people will find that these symptoms fade over time. Other people may find that negative symptoms emerge sometime after the trauma occurred and almost seem to come “out of the blue”. This can seem very confusing, and they may ask themselves “why now?”. The truth is that certain events can trigger Post Traumatic Stress in some people and if not treated, can lead to long-term issues…

Problems sleeping
Problems concentrating or remembering things
Feeling hypervigilant
Upsetting memories come into your mind when you don’t want them to
Intense memories where it feels as though the trauma is happening to you again
Feeling physically and emotionally upset
Feeling disconnected or numb
Feelings of guilt/ shame or panic

Understanding the Storm: Birth & Miscarriage Trauma

Imagine for a second that the path to becoming a parent, whether it be a mother or a father, takes an unexpected detour. This is a time that is fraught with dread, agony, and unpredictability. The word “birth trauma,” which is frequently avoided in conversation but is experienced by many people, may be as unrelenting as the harshest storm.

It is a war that many people who have experienced birth trauma fight in silence. It’s the agony of constantly having to relive the incident, along with the terrifying nightmares and unrelenting anxieties that come along with it. It is the strong sense of melancholy, shame, and anger that stays with a new mother long after the lights in the delivery room have been turned off.

According to the findings of a survey that was conducted in 2017 and published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, roughly 29% of women reported experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after giving birth. Another study that was published in the year 2019 in the journal “Birth” discovered that approximately 15% of women developed moderate to severe PTSD symptoms following childbirth.

These are not merely statistics; rather, they are the stories of actual people’s lives represented by numbers. They bring attention to the significance of recognizing and managing the effects of birth trauma.

When we go through traumatic experiences, our anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed might grow, which can lead to emotional dysregulation. When we are emotionally aroused, our “fight or flight” mechanism is activated, which causes us to experience feelings of panic and terror as a result of the activation of our sympathetic nervous system. When we are overcome by this mechanism, we often become paralyzed by it, dissociating from it, closing down, and feeling as though there is no hope. If we don’t deal with our traumatic experiences, they can distort our fundamental selves and render us incapable of functioning normally. It’s possible that we could experience a wide range of feelings, some of which are depicted in the following diagram:

How We Will Approach It

It is important to note that these are not just accounts of suffering and bereavement. These are tales of bravery, perseverance, and faith in the face of adversity. The onslaught of life’s challenges may be unrelenting, but the perseverance of the human spirit is unwavering. When we are willing to ask for assistance, when we are willing to talk about our experiences, and when we are willing to be there for one another, we will find the road to recovery. To the extent that we are able to maintain our optimism, we are able to envision the possibility of better times ahead.

At Naked Birth, we take a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to assisting with healing and rehabilitation from the effects of traumatic experiences, such as those caused by birth and miscarriage. After experiencing a traumatic incident, you may find that some triggers continue to exist in your day-to-day life. Our approach to coaching, in contrast to more traditional forms of treatment, is centered on providing you with the methods and resources you need to make progress.

Throughout the duration of this educational coaching program, you will acquire insightful knowledge as well as learn ways to calm and deactivate trauma responses. It is essential to point out that our program is not designed for those who are experiencing acute psychiatric disorders, as these kinds of circumstances require the assistance of specialist medical professionals. We would like to welcome you to schedule a Clarity call with a member of our team so that they can assist you in determining whether or not our method of coaching is appropriate for the circumstances you find yourself in.

Our trained therapists specialize in supporting individuals in processing traumatic situations and regaining control over their life in order to help them recover from the effects of those occurrences. We are committed to being by your side as you travel the path toward healing and recovery from the impacts of the trauma.

The Effects of Trauma That Has Not Been Processed

Trauma that has not been processed can have a significant and far-reaching effect on every facet of a person’s life. According to research, those who do not seek help to process their traumatic experiences may be more likely to be at risk for the following:

Chronic Psychological Distress
Physical Health Consequences
Difficulties in Interpersonal interactions
Impairment in Occupational and Academic Performance
An increased risk of re-victimization

How Our Recovery Program Can Help

Here at Naked Accident, we are committed to assisting you in conquering the difficulties associated with accident trauma. Our recovery program is intended to:

  • Provide a Safe Space: We create a safe and confidential environment in which you will be able to openly discuss your experiences as well as the feelings those events evoke in you.
  • We Make Available Evidence-Based Methods: In order to assist you in processing and coping with the effects of your traumatic experience, our therapists make use of evidence-based methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).
  • Facilitate Healing: Our primary objective is to facilitate your recovery and assist you in regaining control of your life. We collaborate with you to build useful coping methods, tools, and techniques.
  • Compassionate and non-judgmental assistance will be provided by our staff throughout the entirety of your healing process as part of the supportive care we provide.

The Advantages of Seeking Assistance

The decision to get help after experiencing trauma from an accident can be a pivotal turning point on the path to recovery and resiliency. The following is a list of some of the benefits that our program provides:

Decreased Signs and SymptomsParticipation in our program may help reduce the signs and symptoms of anxiety, sadness, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Managing traumatic experiences can result in changes to one’s physical health, which is one of the many benefits of doing so.

Enhanced Interpersonal Relationships and Communication
Our curriculum has the potential to enhance both of these aspects of interpersonal life.

Improved Capacity to CopeEducate yourself on more positive ways to deal with stress and its causes.

Enhanced Capacity for Resilience Develop your capacity for resiliency so that you can better confront future problems.

Trauma Recovery Program Curriculum


Divorce CocoonWe will start with your first session to assess and take a client and clinical history. The first module is focused on restoring balance and creating stabilization. Before we do any processing, we first need to empower you to become grounded and emotionally stable. To begin, you’ll create a strong solid foundation so you have a supportive environment to contain your transformation.

  • We will cover goal setting so we have a clear starting position, ending position and mission
  • The next session we look at your symptoms and put a plan in place to alleviate the stress of those symptoms. We will be looking at daily routines, diet, structure, habits, thought diaries etc. I will assess and give you specific homework, monitoring your progress
  • You will be given special clinical audios to listen to and taught how to resource yourself, to feel completely stabilized
  • You will be in a COCOON – this is the goal

The second module empowers you to practice self-compassion. Self-compassion is a very powerful resource tool which assists in trauma recovery. Often we destroy any lessons we might learn from events which happened because we are so stuck in self loathing or self flagellation. This is unhelpful and unkind to ourselves. Self compassion melts shame, guilt, despair and assists us in building resilience and strength. It’s a very important tool to learn for recovery.

MetamorphosisHere the true healing begins. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar is rapidly healing and changing, preparing to burst out as a beautiful butterfly. A caterpillar CANNOT grow wings without being contained but once contained, the real work can begin…

  • You will outline the principles, mission statement and framework of how you want your life post trauma to look
  • We will study your triggers in day to day life and look at the anxious avoidance and depressive avoidance strategies you have adopted to recover. Once ready and resourced, we will begin your Histogram highpoints and lowpoints story whilst continuing the routines and disciplines we have learnt so you are contained throughout the journey
  • We will identify all the top trauma hot spots
  • You will learn 12 techniques to self regulate your emotions and neutralise your triggers and in turn, clarify your needs. We focus on several techniques including TRE, Somatic Trauma Processing, Hakomi breathwork,  Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioural techniques and Timeline therapy techniques so you can ground yourself and deactivate the trauma response
  • We also utilise relaxation audio programs to assist in the resourcing process
  • We will do trauma formulations and forward focused techniques using Polyvagel theory on all those hot spots to neutralize them, understanding the cognitive dissonances which have occurred.
  • We will work on neutralizing your coping mechanisms which have produced negative outcomes for you
  • We might additionally make use of other therapies during this step

ReleaseWe continue supporting you in learning different techniques until you feel more empowered to deactivate your own trauma response, you’re now ready to work on your future, dreams and desires.
Get back in touch with yourself again, change beliefs, set boundaries, and reclaim your life.

  • We will then work on designing your future
  • We will teach you communication techniques to better communicate your needs with each other and signpost triggers
  • Learning forward-focused-techniques for living a great life

Why Go With Naked Birth Experienced and Caring Team

Our staff of therapists has a wealth of experience in assisting individuals in overcoming the effects of traumatic experiences. We care about you and your wellbeing and do so with compassion and without passing judgment.

Our clients choose us because of our reputation, and proven track-record, our testimonials and our specialism.

Worldwide Access
We utilize modern technology to deliver, engage, and coach our clients wherever they are in the world. Our online booking system makes it easy to arrange, adjust, and change your coaching sessions at any time.

Rapid Transformation
We strive to achieve results. Action, momentum, and commitment are the driving forces of transformation, not elapsed time.

Flat Cost
Our program is available in several formats to meet every user’s needs and budget. No more on-going, never ending cost.

Multiple Technologies
We embrace and use a wide variety of coaching and therapeutic technologies and techniques. We use whatever tool will get the result.

Result Guaranteed
All our supported programs are backed by a unique money-back guarantee.

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