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Surviving Trauma: Unveiling the Inner Battle

Trauma isn’t just an experience – it’s an emotional journey that can leave profound scars. Beyond the visible wounds, there’s a hidden struggle that often goes unnoticed. If you’ve encountered the aftermath of trauma, you understand that the pain it inflicts is unique and agonizing. The restless nights, the overwhelming anguish, the uncertainty about what lies ahead – these are the quiet battles that trauma wages. It’s a period when your world seems to shift, and every facet of your existence is affected by its weight. Amidst this pain, however, there exists the promise of healing, the potential for renewal, and a pathway toward a more radiant future. Feeling adrift and unsettled during this time is absolutely valid. Your pain is shared, and you’re not alone on this journey.

It's time to heal from your trauma...

"Sometimes we have to escape our surroundings to find ourselves"

Adèle Théron

Why Does a Brief Escape Work Wonders?

get away for a while

Imagine a canvas blanketed in uncharted landscapes, each holding the promise of unraveling the enigma that is you. It’s in these uncharted territories that the transformative power of new environments in self-discovery comes to light. While it might seem counterintuitive to seek understanding within the unfamiliar, science tells us that these unexplored terrains can be the very catalysts for delving into the depths of our own psyche.

  • Disrupting Routine and Igniting Self-Awareness:
    Stepping into the unknown disrupts the well-worn grooves of routine. Our minds, ever-adaptive, awaken from the slumber of familiarity, inviting us to explore the landscape of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This heightened self-awareness isn’t a coincidence; it’s a psychological phenomenon backed by science. In a study published in “Psychological Science” (2013), researchers found that embracing novel experiences and environments triggers a mindful state of mind, enhancing our awareness and nurturing personal growth.
  • Contextual Alchemy: The Influence of Environments on Identity:
    Environments are like alchemists, weaving potions that conjure different facets of our identity. Each locale holds the key to unlocking latent aspects of our personality, beckoning them to the surface. Scientific insights from the “Journal of Research in Personality” (2005) emphasize that where we are often shapes who we become. Thus, venturing into new environments isn’t just a physical journey; it’s a path to discovering the multi-dimensional tapestry of our own being.
  • The Kaleidoscope of Creativity and New Perspectives:
    Unfamiliar landscapes are a playground for creativity and perspective-taking. The uncharted terrain prompts us to think beyond the borders of convention, fostering cognitive flexibility and an expanded worldview. From such vantage points, we not only view the world differently, but we also turn this gaze inwards. Research in “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” (2010) illuminates how diverse experiences foster creativity and the ability to understand multiple viewpoints, both crucial in plumbing the depths of self-understanding.
  • Liberation Beyond Comfort Zones:
    Our comfort zones are like well-trodden paths, providing assurance but stunting growth. Stepping into the unexplored disrupts the familiar rhythm, challenging us to face uncertainties head-on. Scientific revelations from “Motivation and Emotion” (2012) underline that confronting the unknown fosters a surge in self-efficacy, propelling us to overcome challenges. In doing so, we unearth our latent strengths and illuminate the path to personal evolution.

As we venture into uncharted domains, we embark on an odyssey of self-discovery. Science beckons us to embrace the unfamiliar as a conduit for transformation. These novel environments disrupt our routines, coax our multifaceted identity into the light, stoke the fires of creativity, and liberate us from the confines of comfort. So, let us heed the call of the unknown, for it is in these unexplored lands that we uncover the profound truths that lie within ourselves.

Crafting Triumph from Pain

Amidst the overwhelming weight of trauma, there lies an opportunity for transformation. Our trauma coaching program is centered around the profound belief that healing is not only attainable, but it can also catalyze personal growth and resilience. Within the depths of trauma, we are here to provide guidance through a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Together, we will unearth the strength needed to reconstruct your life, forging a new chapter brimming with hope and positivity. Through tailored support, evidence-based techniques, and a dedicated community, you can navigate the path from trauma to triumph. Your story of resilience starts here.

There is another way... Trauma doesn't have to be difficult...

Hear from people who have completely recovered during the Haven Retreat…

“The best decision I’ve ever made!”

Marie shares her experiences of doing the Haven Retreat at Chang Mai. She couldn’t believe the results!

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Marie shares her experience of doing the Haven Retreat @ Chiang Mai

“Bloody Brilliant retreat”

This was a really life changing experience and I highly recommend it. I understand myself more.

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Andrew, Singapore, 42

Recovered after 60 years!

Her keen insights, emotional support & guidance were superb for my issues. I recovered after 60 years!

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Julia, 72
Naked Divorce

What you might be going through in the early stages following a trauma

With a trauma, almost everyone will feel jumpy, and it is normal to have intrusive memories of the traumatic events. Approximately two out of three of people will find that these symptoms fade over time. Other people may find that negative symptoms emerge sometime after the trauma occurred and almost seem to come “out of the blue”. This can seem very confusing, and they may ask themselves “why now?”. The truth is that traumatic events can trigger Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) in some people and if not treated, can lead to long-term issues…

Problems sleeping
Problems concentrating or remembering things
Feeling hypervigilant
Upsetting memories come into your mind when you don’t want them to
Intense memories where it feels as though the trauma is happening to you again
Feeling physically and emotionally upset
Feeling disconnected or numb
Feelings of guilt/ shame or panic

Heres the bad news

After a trauma, the vast majority of people will go on to have come triggers and challenges in the future. The reality is, unless you take action, heal from this properly and get to the source of your trauma, you won’t be able to go on to reclaim your life.

Heres the good news

Your trauma healing journey is not an unknown mystery.  And you don’t have to live with the pain forever, or repeat the same patterns ever again.The healing process simply needs the right focus, support and careful progression through the stages of transformation.  With a discreet system even the busiest of professionals can follow.

Don't just ride the rollercoaster of trauma. Take back control today...

Risks caused by trauma are significant and real both physically and mentally. But with courage, commitment, and action.



Data: Web MD study conducted in 2019 – check statistics here:



Traumatic experiences can affect and alter cognitions. From the outset, trauma challenges the just-world or core life assumptions that help individuals navigate daily life. Data: Janoff-Bulmann, 1992



Data: National Center for Biotechnology Information

Challenges with traditional therapy…​

Are your goals and those of the traditional therapist aligned?

The reality is that a professional therapist only earns income for as long as your ‘problem’ remains. They are financially incentivized for your issue to continue for as long as possible, often years.

Divorce-Program-No Results v3
No guarantee​ - Traditional therapy has no guarantee of success
Divorce-Program-No Speed v3
Not fast​ - Traditional therapy takes months, often years
Divorce-Program-No Multi-Tech v3
Limited-tech​ - 80%+ only have expertise in one therapy
Divorce-Program-No FixedCost v3
Not cheap - Average cost = $7,436.00 - $14,872.00 (USA)
Divorce-Program-No Specialist
Not expert​ - Not specialized in getting over trauma

The Haven Trauma Educational Retreat is 96% faster than Traditional therapy

NakedDivorce vs Therapy Duration
Recovering and reclaiming your life measured in weeks, not years…

A better healing solution…​

The Haven Retreat was built to give you an easy, powerful, and swift way to get resourced and stabilized and make major inroads to healing from trauma. So you can get back to living, rather than being stuck in the past.

Guaranteed - 15 day money-back guarantee included with every program
Fast - Intensive program, achieves rapid results
Multi-tech - Highly trained across many trauma coaching technologies
Divorce Program - Cheap
Fixed cost - All our programs are transparent with fixed pricing
Naked Divorce Expert
Expert - We are specialists in getting over trauma

The 7 and 10 day Haven Retreat

It's time to get busy healing from your trauma

Get ready to embark on a tranformation journey...

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Why the Haven Retreat?

There are three magic ingredients…

Our Haven retreats cover specific protocols to educate, stabilize and recover from your trauma. It’s undeniable that the results achieved on our Retreats are awesome.

Here’s why…

  • Intensity

    If you jog for once a week, in 6 months time your fitness will improve a fraction if at all. If you train 4 times a week, the results after just 2 months will be vastly superior. This is totally logical. And it’s exactly the same with trauma recovery. The more intense the effort, the greater the reward. A 7 day or 10 day retreat, is (obviously) far more intensive that a 21 day program (which is itself vastly more intense, and productive than an hour call with a therapist once a week).

  • Face2Face Interaction with expert in trauma coaching methodologies

    Whilst the Naked Recovery team are experts in remote communication, there are certain exercises the therapists can do in-person which make a massive difference to the intensity of your transformation.

  • Location

    Getting out of your normal environment means that you can focus on your healing in a way you cannot do at home. It makes total sense that a vacation will assist in emotional recovery
    If you want to reduce stress, and want to gain more happiness you need to escape your normal environment. We choose beautiful locations but often run our retreats on location with our clients too.

Naked Divorce in Puerto Morelos Mexico

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

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Naked Divorce Costa Rica

Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

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Whitianga, New Zealand

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New Zealand's most spectacular natural attraction, Milford Sound can be enjoyed on an optional excursion

Queenstown, New Zealand

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Divorce Retreat - South-Africa - CapeTown

Cape Town, South Africa

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Monterey Bay, California, USA

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San Francisco Haven Retreat Naked Divorce

San Francisco, California, USA

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Yarra Valley Naked Divorce

Yarra Valley, Australia

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Naked Divorce is Results Driven


We are obsessed with performance. To make sure we continue to be the best in the industry, we measure everything









Your Healing Ingredients

haven icons
1-2-1 private coaching with reknowned Trauma Coaches
Scientifically choreographed days that will stimulate recovery
An intense goal-focused program that guarantees results
No other recovery programme on the planet like The Haven
Unique somatic-trauma focused technologies
Celebrities, Royalty, CEO's appreciate the total privacy we provide
Celebrities, Royalty, CEO's appreciate the total privacy we provide
Support starts before you arrive, and includes 30 days post-event follow-up
Support starts before you arrive, and includes 30 days post-event follow-up

Naked Divorce Established


Adele Theron

Renowned Trauma Therapist and Coach

Adele Theron Naked Divorce Divorce Coach Get Over Divorce Program
Adele Theron Naked Divorce Divorce Coach Get Over Divorce Program

The Founder of Naked Recovery Adèle Théron speaking on stage at the Mermaid Theatre, London

World class Trauma Coaches

I'm Adele, the Founder and proud to be the head coach of Naked Recovery
I'm Sally, a Trauma Coach with Naked Recovery
I'm Valerie, a Trauma Coach with Naked Recovery
I'm Salli, a Trauma Coach with Naked Recovery
I'm Brenda, a Trauma Coach with Naked Recovery

Emotions at the end of Program

Naked Recovery as a Professional Service









Your Haven Retreat Contains...

Daily therapy and homework
Stabilization work beforehand
Personal program
Haven Pack
Haven Excursions
Daily Declarations
Thoughts of the day
Transparency in recovery program
Clinical Hypnotherapy audio
Daily checklist
24/7 support available

Haven Curriculum


Divorce CocoonWe will start with your first session to assess and take a client and clinical history. The first module is focused on restoring balance and creating stabilization. Before we do any processing, we first need to empower you to become grounded and emotionally stable. To begin, you’ll create a strong solid foundation so you have a supportive environment to contain your transformation.

  • We will cover goal setting so we have a clear starting position, ending position and mission
  • The next session we look at your symptoms and put a plan in place to alleviate the stress of those symptoms. We will be looking at daily routines, diet, structure, habits, thought diaries etc. I will assess and give you specific homework, monitoring your progress
  • You will be given special clinical audios to listen to and taught how to resource yourself, to feel completely stabilized
  • You will be in a COCOON – this is the goal
  • Warm-Up 7

The second module empowers you to practice self-compassion. Self-compassion is a very powerful resource tool which assists in trauma recovery. Often we destroy any lessons we might learn from events which happened because we are so stuck in self loathing or self flagellation. This is unhelpful and unkind to ourselves. Self compassion melts shame, guilt, despair and assists us in building resilience and strength. It’s a very important tool to learn for recovery.


Here the true healing begins. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar is rapidly healing and changing, preparing to burst out as a beautiful butterfly. A caterpillar CANNOT grow wings without being contained but once contained, the real work can begin…

  • You will outline the principles, mission statement and framework of how you want your life post trauma to look
  • We will study your triggers in day to day life and look at the anxious avoidance and depressive avoidance strategies you have adopted to recover. Once ready and resourced, we will begin your Histogram highpoints and lowpoints story whilst continuing the routines and disciplines we have learnt so you are contained throughout the journey
  • We will identify all the top trauma hot spots
  • You will learn 12 techniques to self regulate your emotions and neutralise your triggers and in turn, clarify your needs. We focus on several techniques including TRE, Somatic Trauma Processing, Hakomi breathwork,  Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioural techniques and Timeline therapy techniques so you can ground yourself and deactivate the trauma response
  • We also utilise relaxation audio programs to assist in the resourcing process
  • We will do trauma formulations and forward focused techniques using Polyvagel theory on all those hot spots to neutralize them, understanding the cognitive dissonances which have occurred.
  • We will work on neutralizing your coping mechanisms which have produced negative outcomes for you
  • We might additionally make use of other therapies during this step



We continue supporting you in learning different techniques until you feel more empowered to deactivate your own trauma response, you’re now ready to work on your future, dreams and desires.
Get back in touch with yourself again, change beliefs, set boundaries, and reclaim your life.

  • We will then work on designing your future
  • We will teach you communication techniques to better communicate your needs with each other and signpost triggers
  • Learning forward-focused-techniques for living a great life
The Haven Divorce Retreat

Haven in a nutshell



Clear Steps

Clear Steps

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks



Goal Orientated

Goal Orientated

Maintain high performance

Maintain high performance

Benefits of doing the Haven Retreat

Get your life back - Time is the ultimate perishable resource. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. Get over your trauma, and claim your life back now.

Life Lessons - Learning is healing. Healing is learning. The lessons you will learn during this program will be valuable to you across many areas of your life.

Dare to Dream - Dare to dream of a bigger life, a more ambitious, bolder life, with more rewards. You deserve it.

Live Again - It’s simple, a life lived with love, life and laughter is better. This program will help you attract the right people into your life.

Self Confidence - Knowing in your soul that you can overcome adversity is incredibly valuable to any person's self-confidence, and capability.

Inspire Others - By expanding your personal development, you will inspire friends, family, and if you have them, your children.

Just a few of our testimonials

“The best decision I’ve ever made!”

Marie shares her experiences of doing the Haven Retreat at Chang Mai. She couldn’t believe the results!

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Marie shares her experience of doing the Haven Retreat @ Chiang Mai

“It really is a God send!”

What changed though was my ability to now remain very calm and feel in control of my own emotions.

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Nada thanks Naked Divorce for helping her truly heal from the pain of her divorce

“My life’s completely changed!”

I feel the process short circuited a lot of wasted energy and pain and got my back on my feet in double quick time.

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Jonothan has seen his life change for the better after completing the 21 day programme with Naked Divorce
Jonathan, CEO, Singapore
Naked Divorce is Results Driven

Program Feedback

*taken from over 6132 participants over 6 years












"Our goal is to empower 100,000 people to heal from Trauma and see it as a crossroads in their life vs. the crisis it is for so many people globally" - Adele Theron

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