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Tired of Unresolved Trauma Holding You Back from Bliss?

Have you ever felt the weight of unprocessed trauma lingering in the depths of your mind? The persistent echoes of past experiences can cast shadows on every aspect of our lives, holding us back from true happiness and fulfillment. If you’ve been yearning for a way to break free from these emotional chains, you’re not alone. Welcome to our transformative Trauma Assessment program – a beacon of hope and healing in your journey towards emotional liberation.

What is a Trauma Assessment?

What is a Trauma Assessment?

A Trauma Assessment is a special 3-hour session which will help you to assess your trauma situation and get some clarity. Our team and those who work on the Naked Recovery have transformed the lives of thousands of people over the 11 years. We really know an effective pathway to helping people get over the emotional turmoil, circumstances and pressures you will encounter during trauma.

So I invite you to join us in a special Trauma Assessment. In this powerful 3 hour assessment you will:-

  • Gain insight

    Uncover the inhibitors which are keeping you stuck 

  • Map out the pathway of recovery through your trauma

    Learn some important tools and steps through the recovery from trauma. The educational components bring relief and understanding as to why you are struggling and give you practical tools you can begin to use to plan and resource your recovery. We build a curriculum for you so you can empower yourself to heal from what has happened.

  • Move Forward

    Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome moving forward and if interested in any of the Naked Recovery programs, explore if this is the right vehicle for you and explore the enrollment criteria and payment options and see if any of those programs will work for you

Take Back Your Life Today

The risks posed by trauma are significant and real, affecting your physical and mental well-being. But with courage, dedication, and proactive measures, you have the power to kickstart your recovery in about 21 days. We guarantee it.



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How do I know if a trauma assessment is for me?

We know that navigating the terrain of unprocessed trauma can feel isolating, overwhelming, and at times, insurmountable. That’s why we offer two distinctive paths – traditional therapeutic processing and our unique trauma coaching approach. But it all begins with our Trauma Assessment. It’s your first step towards liberation, towards saying goodbye to the shadows that have held you back.

Proper therapeutic processing of trauma takes at least 12 months. Trauma coaching is different in that it focuses on identifying the triggers in your life today and educates you on how to neutralize those triggers and overcome them, resource yourself and take proactive steps to feeling better. The approach is focusing on life right now and future life versus life in the past.

Some people prefer the coaching approach and find that it suits them better. It’s time to address the challenges that lie ahead. Explore the possibilities of our Naked Recovery programs, discover enrollment criteria, and find payment options that suit your journey. Our experts will help you chart a personalized roadmap to healing. You’ll gain access to invaluable tools and actionable steps that not only aid your recovery but also provide you with a newfound sense of understanding and control. To see which approach is best for you, book an assessment.

Experience the benefits of the program

Improved sleeping patterns
Reduction in emotional highs and lows
A higher rate of productivity
Increased energy levels
Feel creative and alive
Stop obsessive thoughts
Clear direction and future
Happier and stress free
More emotionally stable than you have ever been
Peaceful interactions
Reconnect with yourself
Increased strength and resilience

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