Was like finding hidden treasure

Before the Naked Divorce, I was still very focused on the past, trigger memories, all the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve”; missing my previous married life very much. I was also getting too bogged down with yearning for everyone to pity me as much now as they did when the breakup first occured 2 years earlier. I did feel my life was “over”, in a way & that my ex’s life was much better than mine overall. I had sought counseling through one-on-one therapy in person or on phone with psychotherapists, licensed clinical social workers, family counselors. Just as stated in Adele’s book, these sessions helped me discover & acknowledge a certain family pathology in my personality and my expectations about marriage. What was missing was a suggested blueprint for how to build a path towards an unknown future. Although I did appreciate learning a lot about myself & how my mind worked due to my own past, it tended to keep me in the “past”. I was often telling others I still needed a “hook phrase” to settle into a peace about this life changing event – even though a part of me still wanted the battle scars to be recognized. The Naked Divorce blew everything apart. The immediate impact on my life when I started the coaching was to have a clear calendar (which rarely happened) and for the first time, examine my own self, my own life, especially my own marriage without interruption or outside opinions. I realized early on that this was not going to deal with issues just at face value. I realized it was important to dig deep, try hard to remember every detail & get below the surface. I remember not even wanting to peek at the next Day’s exercise because it was all I could do to face the Day of. The quality of Naked Divorce was exceptional and support amazing. Previous therapy was helpful but not structured nor goal oriented. Simply stumbling across Adele’s YouTube videos where she EXACTLY described the emotional roller coaster without making me feel that I was crazy was like finding hidden treasure. Completing this program will help you overcome the sadness without taking away your right to acknowledge you were hurt (if an unwanted divorce). Doing the important daily exercises will help bring the past into correct focus, teach you about all your strong & weak points and give you permission to see the future in a brighter way…and a path to help you stay corrected along the way.

Sobia, Architect
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