3 Steps to Funeral Planning…

Posted on February 21st, 2020

A 3-Step Guide to Planning Your Funeral Without Fear or Frustration

You may not think of funeral planning as fun, but it definitely doesn’t have to be scary. Because planning your own funeral can actually provide some peace of mind when it comes to the future. Plus, by planning for your own services you can take a courageous first step towards facing one of life’s inevitable events.

So if you’re ready to take that step and save your loved ones some stress and strain, grab a coffee, a notepad, and this guide to get started with your funeral plans. 

Start By Deciding How to Pay for Your Funeral 

If you were to pass away unexpectedly, what would your family need to do to pay for your funeral expenses? If you’re not sure about the answer to this question, you should think about securing some sort of insurance to provide financial relief, like a burial insurance plan. Burial insurance, or funeral insurance, is exactly what it sounds like: a life insurance policy geared towards paying for the expenses associated with a funeral. 

If you have burial insurance, your family can also use the proceeds to help out with leftover debts and bills, once the funeral costs are covered. These affordable life insurance policies are available in different amounts and pay out quickly, so it’s important to think about how much funerals cost and also how much additional financial support you would like your loved ones to have in the event of your death. 

If you decide you need more coverage, you can also research other life insurance plans. Keep in mind that higher payouts typically come with higher monthly premiums, so burial insurance may be more affordable. 

Then Move onto Making Plans for Your Own Funeral 

Now that you have a better idea of the sort of insurance and financial options you can afford, you are better prepared to start planning your funeral. Using a funeral planning template is a smart move, helping you keep your planning efforts on track. As you start filling in the blanks when it comes to pre-planning your funeral, include any end-of-life arrangements that may be important to you but also look for ways to keep funeral costs low. 

Actually, if saving money is one of your top funeral planning priorities, MoneyTalksNews notes cutting costs yourself will be much easier than relying on your family to do so in their time of grief. By pre-planning, you can compare different funeral home prices, choose a cost-effective urn for cremation, or research alternative burial methods

If you’re open to less-traditional burial options, such as a green cremation or even a body donation, you could do some real good while also doing some good for your family. As you plan and shop around for funeral options, keep in mind the risks and rewards of prepaid funerals. 

Finally, Begin Talking to Family About Your Funeral Plans

By planning out your last wishes, hopefully, you’ve had a chance to overcome some of your fears about dying. If not, you shouldn’t feel anxious because fears about dying can be quite common and if severe enough, these fears may actually be a form of thanatophobia

Thanatophobia is a fear of dying but this sort of phobia extends beyond the normal anxieties and uncertainties about the end of life. If you think you may be suffering from a phobia or anxiety that is preventing you from planning your own funeral, you may want to consider talking to a therapist or seeking death counselors to help ease your fears. 

From death doulas to death cafes, destigmatizing death is a trend in recent years, and for good reason. None of us can escape death, but we can escape living our lives in fear because we don’t even want to think about it. Talking to family about your funeral wishes and putting them in writing is an essential step in this process. By facing your own fears you will be better prepared to discuss your funeral plans, and find personal relief in the process. 

Thinking and talking about death doesn’t have to be so nerve-wracking. Neither does planning your own funeral, so consider giving this gift to your loved ones. In doing so you may just gain some peace of mind for yourself. 

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