“Divorced – and shit at it”

Posted on February 28th, 2017

You probably don’t know this, but I launched my NakedDivorce business on the back of my first book ‘NakedDivorce for women’ five years ago –

Since then the business has grown and grown, and I’m delighted, and blessed to have been able to touch so many people’s lives as they wrestle with the chaos, despair and trauma of divorce.

The transformations that take place in our programmes are truly stunning. Sometimes I feel like I have been put on this planet to help people through their life traumas.

I really do have the best job in the world –

For example just earlier today one of my Relationship Counselling couples told me that not only was their relationship saved (they were on the brink of divorce just a few months ago), but they have just discovered to their delight that they are pregnant!

There were lot’s of tears of joy.

And when I was told that would never have happened had it not been for me helping them – well let’s just say I was in lot’s of tears too. Like I say, I really do have the best job.

Honestly though, it’s not me, it’s the process.

It just works. Sometimes my clients need me, or our Angels to assist them through the process – but ultimately it’s the process – what can I tell you, it’s the bomb-digidy!


Adele’s original book launch at the largest Waterstone’s in London


Book Announcement

So I’m delighted to announce today for the first time, the launch of my new book for women (men you’re gonna have to wait a little longer – but it is coming).

This revisedenhancedupdated book builds on the first book I wrote which was an Amazon Best Seller.

Over the years the process has been tweaked, and refined to deliver ever more powerful results – so it was great to get that fine-tuning into this new book, and give it a make-over at the same time.

The new book is called ‘DIVORCED – and shit at it‘. Because we are. We’re taught to ‘get on with things‘, to ‘feel happy‘, to ‘get on with our lives‘, to just ‘get over him‘, that ‘time will heal‘ – well it’s all BS.

Quite frankly most of the advice out there is not only unhelpful – it actually makes things worse.

So no wonder we are ‘Shit’ at getting over divorce – we’re being fed bad info. Friends and family may mean well – but they really don’t have a clue how to help. Ok – rant over.


Launch Offer

We have cunningly decided to launch the book officially on March 8 – International Womens Day!

With the help of my team we’ve put a whole bunch of Bonuses together to help celebrate both International Womens Day – and the launch of ‘DIVORCED’.

I should point-out this launch is for the digital version only – the printed version will be a little later.

For more info on the book, the Special Bonuses that will be made availalbe only on MARCH 8 – click here >>>




You can download an Extract of the book for Free now >>>



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