Life After Lockdown Episode 1: How to handle the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of lockdown

Posted on April 24th, 2020

We are going through unprecedented uncertainty within this global COVID19 crisis. In this episode we set the scene and explain why some people appear to be “aceing” the lockdown, whilst many of us experience bouts of anxiety, stress and depression. Alot of how we are handling the lockdown has nothing to do with us personally, it has to do with how our brain handles trauma, uncertainty and massively stressful events. We cover topics such as:

1) How our brains and bodies handle uncertainty and what we can do to help ourselves relax

2) If you or your loved ones are feeling more emotional and scratchy, how to handle the ranges of reactions you might experience day to day

3) For many people who are considering massive changes at this time, whether now is the time to pounce on those instincts or not

4) How to handle all the supermen and superwomen on social media who appear to be doing epic things all the time. Figure out if you should be turning yourself inside out to run a marathon in your garden, bake bread daily, start and smash your side hustle or complete the push-up challenge like Sarah and Brad

5) If you notice yourself being more lethargic than usual, managing the lethargy that so many people face daily in lockdown (remembering that this ain’t a vacation!)

6) How to ground yourself when your emotions get out of whack

7) Whether you should have a routine OR whether you should be keeping it spontaneous and what the best approach is for handling mass uncertainty

8) How to self soothe

9) How to manage your environment for success

10) How to lighten the mood when the whole planet appears to have gone pear-shaped

This episode is full of practical tips, techniques and advice for what to do in each instance.

NO pressure or preaching, just 2 Trauma Coaches giving advice and keeping it real. 


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